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  • Pharmameal baby : The risks of food allergies
    The principal allergens before the age of one are eggs, peanuts and cow's milk. The principal allergens between 1 and 3 years are eggs, peanuts, milk, peanut oil, mustard. In order to minimise the risk of allergic reactions and to develop an appreciation for new tastes, choose simple recipes with one main flavour. VITAMEAL BABY and PHARMAM
  • Pharmameal baby : Everything to know about Fruits, Meat, Fish...
    Fruit and vegetables are the basic foods for a well-balanced varied diet. It is as important for small children to eat fruit every day as it is for adults. VITAMEAL BABY & PHARMAMEAL BABY offer a range of small pots of fruit with no added sugar. Start with meats that are light and easily digested: Chicken or Turkey, Steak or Beef, Veal s